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This is Kenyon Reed's Go-To library of GFI Synesthesia Modulated Effects that he uses regularly live and in the studio. His library of 14 presets is a meticulously crafted collection of high-quality modulation effects designed to add depth, movement, and character to any musical performance or recording.

This GFI Synesthesia bundle includes Kenyon's current Go-To library of effects with his Synesthesia. There are also some additions that were crafted to recreate some of the Strymon Mobius effects used on the Bethel Music "Come Up Here" record, as well as a few creative additions used in other recordings.


In this bundle are 14 presets:


WIDE DIME - This was my first attempt at recreating an effect I frequently use in the Strymon Mobius that creates a widening effect that almost makes things sound like they are being double tracked.


BIG WIDE - This is similar to WIDE DIME but exagerated even further for the largest widening effect.


WIDE TREM - This uses the widening effect and also adds a hard tremolo, inspired by the effects I use when recording baritone on "Precious Blood" from the "Come Up Here" record.


DETUNE - this is a subtle widening effect that also slightly detunes the notes creating a chorus-y sort of effect. A little more glassy and hi-fi than a usual chorus.


DETUNE VIB - This is a widening effect that also uses vibrato for a large sound but tasteful vibrato warble.


ISN'T HE VIBE - This is a recreation of my Strymon Mobius effect I used on the song "Isn't He Beautiful" from the "Come Up Here" record. It is a unique, double-tracked sounding vibrato.


LIGHT CHOR - This is a simple, tasteful, light chorus effect.


REC BREELY - This is used broudly in the "Come Up Here" record. A record like crunch and warble.


REC WIDE - This is an exaggerated version of the REC BREELY that is wider sounding with a little less warble.


VINTAGE - This is a recreation of the REC BREELY using a different type of effect stacked with record to create a little more modulation and a vintage-like tone with a subtle change in crunch.


VERB BIG - This is a simple, large, inspiring reverb that I have used on many sets along with my Bigsky. Using it alone or stacking it with another reverb leads to a deep and inspiring swirl. 


VERB LESS - This is the same as the VERB BIG but with less of a mix so it is not as overwhelming.


CHOR VERB - This uses a subtle chorus effect along with a similar style verb as listed above to create a different response out of the verb trail and adding more width.


WORSHIP KIT - This was designed for the individual who may not have a reverb or delay pedal. It has both in this one preset and was designed as a generic, usable reverb and delay at the end of your chain.